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Neo Raja Ma 5/16/21
Josiah Hawken 3/15/21
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How does it work?

Once you decide you'd like to have your birth story documented we will meet for a free consultation to discuss all of the details and get to know one another. Birth is unpredictable, so I will go on call to attend your birth starting at 37 weeks until your baby is born. I stay one hour after birth to capture those special early postpartum moments before leaving your family to enjoy quiet time together. You can expect a sneak peek within 24 hours and the rest of your gallery in two to three weeks.

What if you are ill or have an emergency?

I always have backups in place in case of unforeseen circumstances so my services are secure.

What about rapid labor?

On some occasions babies come fast. If your baby came before my arrival window I will still make sure you have beautiful early postpartum documentation for at least two hours.

Will you take pictures below my waist?

That is completely up to you! Everyone has their own preferences, some would like above the waist only and others would like all the raw beauty of birth captured. 

Will you share my birth story?

I am always honored to be able to share birth stories but I respect everyone's wishes. You will get to choose what kind of content you'd be okay with me sharing, even if that's none at all!

Why should I hire a professional instead of just having a friend or my partner take photos?

It takes a lot of practice and experience to capture beautiful high quality images in nearly no light situations and awful hospital lighting. If you're looking for high quality memories hire a professional - you won't regret it! I am also a trained and experienced birth doula who knows a lot about respecting and honoring the birth space as well as holding a supportive calm presence.

I'd love to hear from you!