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  • Two meetings during pregnancy to explore your desires and communicate your vision of the perfect birth. During these visits, we will discuss how I can best assist you, rehearse coping techniques, create your unique birth/postpartum plan, and to simply talk about this exciting journey! ​

  • Unlimited knowledgeable and resourceful support 

  • Access to my client portal full of great resources, lending library of books, a private mom's group, and more!​

  • Continuous labor support in your home during early labor and when you are ready to birth at the location of your choice (home, birthing center, or hospital). This consists of emotional and physical support, information for informed decision making, making sure you know and understand your options, comforting techniques, soothing touch, suggestions for labor progress, and help in guiding a safe and satisfying birth experience.​

  • Early postpartum support where I will remain with you after birth to assist with any needs such as breastfeeding, until your family is ready for quiet time together. We will reconnect in two weeks to discuss your birth, share any resources you may need as your baby grows, and to catch up on how things have been.


Is a doula the same thing as a midwife?

In short, they are not the same care. Doula's and Midwives are two different birth professionals with different scopes of practice. Midwives provide expecting families with medical care during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Doula's on the other hand are non-medical and only support families through physical, emotional, and informational support throughout their journey of meeting their little one.

Does a doula replace the partner?

Doula's are not to replace your partner. I believe partners are all the power as they know special things about the mother a doula or care provider wouldn't. Together doula's and partners actually make a great team to help comfort and support the mother throughout the birthing process. Partners even report they feel more at ease with a doula's presence and enjoy the experience more.

Is a doula helpful if I plan to get an epidural?

Absolutely! Epidurals can be a great tool for those seeking to use it and there are many ways a doula can help you have the best experience. In some cases epidurals may slow labor down. Your doula can help you change positions to help labor continue to progress and stay moving which can help get more oxygen to your baby. Doula's will make sure you know all of your options and stay informed.  

Do doula's only attend natural home births?

Doula's are there to support you in the birth that YOU desire whether that be at home, the birth center, or hospital, a more medicated experience or completely natural. Doula's are not viewed as visitors but as an important aspect of the maternity care team and are even allowed in the hospital setting today!

What if I have a C-section?

Doula's support families through that too! Doula's are sometimes allowed in the OR and it is important to discuss your doula's presence in the event of a cesarean with your provider. Having an extra person in by your side can help comfort you and your partner while helping you both stay informed! 

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