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What is a motherhood session?

A motherhood session is capturing the raw beauty of motherhood in any form. Whether that be breastfeeding, baby wearing, bottle feeding, playing with your kiddos, the organic first days of postpartum and more!

Why should I do a motherhood session?

I don't know one momma who doesn't wish she had more time in front of the camera with her kiddos. Take the time to create lifelong quality memories you will cherish for a forver. 

Does my child have to be little?

Nope! I think we can all agree that postpartum has no true ending and motherhood certainly never does. Bring your babies to have a fun bonding photoshoot with their momma no matter how old they are. 

What's a motherhood session like?

Let's just start off by saying I do not make you stare at the camera the whole time. These sessions are full of love, laughter, and cuddles. It will be a fun bonding experience for you and your children no matter their age.

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