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​​A postpartum doula comes to your home after your baby is born to help out and make sure all is well.  Support during this time is important as you navigate hormones, care for your new baby, balance your everyday tasks, and tend to yourself as you recover from birth. Even partners can benefit from a doula's support during the weeks that follow birth. Postpartum care is so much more than an extra hand. Doula's are full of resources, experience, and trainings that help them best support families. Everyone who has a new edition can benefit from a postpartum doula! 

What a postpartum doula can do for your family:

  • give gentle guidance when assistance is requested

  • newborn care (diapering, swaddling, soothing)

  • processing your birth story

  • meet you in your home after birth to help your family get settled

  • encouraging your ability

  • feeding (breast & bottle)

  • be a listening ear

  • light housekeeping

  • dishes & laundry 

  • emotional support

  • light pet care

  • meal prep

  • provide resources you may need for your growing baby

  • care for baby while parents tend to self care

  • help families learn about cloth diapering, baby wearing, and other new parenting adventures

Starting out at $25 per hour


Is there a set number of hours a postpartum doula will work?

This postpartum doula will work in four hour shifts on the days you want extra help. Less time doesn't allow for much to get done at all.

What don't postparum doula's do?

Postpartum doula's are non-medical and never diagnose or give medical advice nor do we provide heavy housekeeping.

Do postpartum doula's provide breastfeeding support?

Absolutely! Postpartum doula's provide basic breastfeeding support and will give resources if you are in need of medical support or professional examination by a lactation consultant.

How is a postpartum doula differ from a nanny?

While a nanny cares for your children, postpartum doula's care for the needs of the mother and baby during the fourth trimester. They are experienced in the needs of a mother during the postpartum period and help a smooth transition into motherhood.

When does a postpartum doula start and for how long?

This postpartum doula will go on call two weeks prior to your estimated due date and typically start helping the family hours following birth or when they arrive home from the hospital. They can even be hired later into postpartum as well. Postpartum doula's can help a family through one shift or months at a time. It is completely up to the family how long they are seeking support.

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