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Doula's are professionals trained in childbirth who provide emotional, physical, and educational support to women who are expecting. Their purpose is to help guide the safe, memorable, and empowering experience that you desire. During the postpartum period, doula's provide families with ongoing support in all their postpartum needs helping them have the best transition.


The doula works for the birthing person, not the hospital, nurse, or midwife. The doula's presence even alleviates the pressure a partner may feel, allowing them to enjoy the experience more. Doula's can be as hands on as needed, or just fill in when wanted.


If you're wondering if a doula is for you, know that she is simply the support you deserve for the complex needs of childbirth and parenthood.

how will a doula support my birth?
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As your Doula, I will help you see all options and obtain confidence. Honor and respect your vision of the perfect birth. Provide information for informed decision making. Draw on my professional training, knowledge, and experience to help guide the safe and satisfying birth you desire.


I will make sure you're in charge, never alone, feel safe, and understand what is going on.

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Studies have shown that having a Doula as a member of your birth team lowers the risk of cesarean by 50% and shortens labor by an average of 41 minutes. Doula's are with the laboring person 100% of the time compared to the 6-12% caregivers are able to be. There are endless benefits to having a Doula, and only positive outcomes!


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