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Doulas are professionals trained in childbirth who provide emotional, physical and educational support to women who are expecting. Their purpose is to help guide the safe, memorable, and empowering experience that you desire.


The doula works for the birthing person, not the hospital, nurse, or midwife. With a doula present, the pressure on a partner is decreased allowing them to participate as desired. Doulas can be as hands on as needed, or just fill in when wanted.


If you're wondering if a doula is for you, know that she is simply the support you deserve for the complex needs of childbirth.

how will a doula support my birth?

As your Doula, I will help you see all options and obtain confidence. Honor and respect your vision of the perfect birth. Provide information for informed decision making. Draw on my professional training, knowledge, and experience, to help guide the safe and satisfying birth you desire.


I will make sure you're in charge, never alone, feel safe, and understand what is going on.

Studies have shown that having a Doula as a member of your birth team lowers the risk of cesarean by 50% and shortens labor by an average of 41 minutes. Doulas are with the laboring person 100% of the time compared to the 6-12% caregivers are able to be. There are endless benefits to having a Doula, and only positive outcomes!

My complete support package includes:
  • Two prenatal visits if time allows, to explore your desires and communicate your vision of the perfect birth. During these visits, we will discuss how I can best assist you, rehearse coping techniques, create your unique birth plan, and to simply talk about this exciting journey! 

  • Knowledgeable and resourceful support via phone on an unlimited basis until your request for me to join you.

  • Access to my Lending Library with books, articles, videos and more that you're welcome to borrow anytime!

  • Continuous labor support in your home during early labor and when you are ready to birth at the location of your choice (home, birthing center or hospital). This consists of emotional and physical support, information for informed decision making, making sure you know and understand your options, comforting techniques, soothing touch, suggestions for labor progress and help in guiding a safe and satisfying birth experience.

  • Photos only by your request and if my attention isn’t needed elsewhere. 

  • Postpartum care where I will remain with you after birth to assist with any needs such as breastfeeding, until your family is ready for quiet time together. We will reconnect in two weeks to discuss your birth, share any resources you may need as your baby grows, and talk about how you've been.

During these strange times I have made the appropriate changes to continue supporting families in a safe manner. Virtual meetings are also available to those who prefer limiting in-person contact. 

As a birth professional, I believe that every family deserves a quality care no matter their financial situation. By offering installment plans, sliding scales, and a guide to 3rd party reimbursement, I strive to make my services accessible to all. Contact me today to learn more about investing in a doula and let me know if you're interested in these options. They will be given, no questions asked.

Let's meet for a free consultation!

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