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Doula's are professionals trained in childbirth who provide emotional, physical, and educational support to women who are expecting. Their purpose is to help guide the safe, memorable, and empowering experience that you desire. During the postpartum period, doula's provide families with ongoing support in all your postpartum needs.


The doula works for the birthing person, not the hospital, nurse, or midwife. The doulas presence even alleviates the pressure a partner may feel, allowing them to participate as desired. Doula's can be as hands on as needed, or just fill in when wanted.


If you're wondering if a doula is for you, know that she is simply the support you deserve for the complex needs of childbirth.

how will a doula support my birth?

As your Doula, I will help you see all options and obtain confidence. Honor and respect your vision of the perfect birth. Provide information for informed decision making. Draw on my professional training, knowledge, and experience to help guide the safe and satisfying birth you desire.


I will make sure you're in charge, never alone, feel safe, and understand what is going on.

Studies have shown that having a Doula as a member of your birth team lowers the risk of cesarean by 50% and shortens labor by an average of 41 minutes. Doula's are with the laboring person 100% of the time compared to the 6-12% caregivers are able to be. There are endless benefits to having a Doula, and only positive outcomes!

Birth Doula Support Package
  • Two meetings during pregnancy to explore your desires and communicate your vision of the perfect birth. During these visits, we will discuss how I can best assist you, rehearse coping techniques, create your unique birth/postpartum plan, and to simply talk about this exciting journey! 

  • Unlimited knowledgeable and resourceful support 

  • Access to my client portal full of great resources, my lending library of books to choose from, a private mom's group, and more!

  • Photos only by your request and if my attention isn’t needed elsewhere. This consists of unedited sweet moments captured on my phone. Professional photos can added on extra, details below.

  • Continuous labor support in your home during early labor and when you are ready to birth at the location of your choice (home, birthing center, or hospital). This consists of emotional and physical support, information for informed decision making, making sure you know and understand your options, comforting techniques, soothing touch, suggestions for labor progress, and help in guiding a safe and satisfying birth experience.

  • Postpartum support where I will remain with you after birth to assist with any needs such as breastfeeding, until your family is ready for quiet time together. We will reconnect in two weeks to discuss your birth, share any resources you may need as your baby grows, and talk about how you've been.

Birth Doula Package Fee $800

Professional Documentation

As a professional photographer I document these special moments for families often. You can add professional photography and/or videography to your birth doula package. Capture these precious memories and save with exclusive birth doula client prices!

  • Maternity Session $150

  • Birth Photography $400.00

  • Birth Videography $400.00

  • Newborn Photography $250.00

Postpartum Care

​A postpartum doula comes to your home after your baby is born to help out and make sure all is well.  Support during this time is important as you navigate hormones, care for your new baby, balance your everyday tasks, and tend to yourself as you recover from birth. Even partners can benefit from a doula's support during the weeks that follow birth. Postpartum care is so much more than an extra hand. Doula's are full of resources, experience, and trainings that help them best support families. Everyone who has a new edition can benefit from a postpartum doula! 

What a postpartum doula can do for your family:

  • give gentle guidance when assistance is requested

  • newborn care (diapering, swaddling, soothing)

  • processing your birth story

  • meet you in your home after birth to help your family get settled

  • encouraging your ability

  • feeding (breast & bottle)

  • be a listening ear

  • light housekeeping

  • implementing positive sleep habits

  • dishes & laundry 

  • emotional support

  • light pet care

  • meal prep

  • provide resources you may need for your growing baby

  • care for baby while parents tend to self care

  • help families learn about cloth diapering, baby wearing, and other new parenting adventures

This doula provides postpartum families with in-home care for a minimum of 4 hours during the daytime and a minimum of 8 hours during the nighttime.

With the hourly rate starting at $25.00

Getting Settled In

This doula also offers the opportunity for your family to have an extra hand settling into your home with your new baby. By purchasing this extra perk your doula will join you when you arrive home from the hospital or stay a few hours longer after your homebirth. During this visit your doula will help you create a comfortable place to nurse/feed your baby, make sure your selfcare items are in an accessible place, prep for your first meal at home with your new baby, and much more! This is amazing for first time parents and great for anyone with a new little one.  

Investment $150

During these strange times I have made the appropriate changes to continue supporting families in a safe manner. Virtual meetings are also available to those who prefer limiting in-person contact. 

As a birth professional, I believe that every family deserves quality care no matter their financial situation. By offering installment plans and a guide to 3rd party reimbursement, I strive to make my services accessible to all. Contact me today to learn more about investing in a doula, and let me know if you're interested in these options. They will be given, no questions asked.

Let's meet for a free consultation!

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